Rajasthan is very commonly known as the Desert State. It is covered by the vast desert known as the Thar Desert on its west. However, as we all know that our country is full of natural diversity and Rajasthan is the perfect example for this. One on end, this state is covered with vast desert and towards its southern end, this state has a beautiful hill station known as Mount Abu. If you want to make your adventure travel India more adventurous, you must visit Mount Abu.

Mount Abu lies in Aravalli mountain range near Sirohi district. Mount Abu is situated at an elevation of 1220 meters from sea level. Its highest point is at the height of 1722 meters (above sea level) and is called “Guru Shikhar”. This is the only hill station in Rajasthan and therefore it is preferred as a great spot to have fun and to beat the scorching heat. There are many places to visit in Mount Abu.

In our travel guide India, We have mentioned top visiting places here; Let us have a look at them:

Dilwara Jain Temples:

Dilwara Jain Temples are situated at the distance of approximately 2.5 kilometers from Mount Abu. The use of marbles, artistic carvings and flawless stone lying technique makes it one of the most beautiful artistic masterpiece. This temple compound has five different temples for various Jain cultures. The temples are named as Vimal Vashi, Luna Vashi, Pithalhar, Parshvanath and Mahaveer Swami.

Wildlife Sanctuary:

The forest that lies between Aravalli mountain ranges is declared as a Wildlife Sanctuary. It spreads in approximately 280 square kilometers. It is a kind of sub tropical forest with wide range of species of fauna and flora. There are few traces showing that it was previously inhabited by lions. But currently, the only predators in this sanctuary are Leopards. Apart from it, you can find various species of animals such as fox, hare, monkeys and around 250 species of birds.

Nakki Lake:

It is one of the very sacred and ancient lakes. In Hindu Mythology there are various stories behind the creation of this lake. It is the great spot to chill out in Mount Abu. You can enjoy with your friends and family. There are various adventure activities such as trekking and boating which are conducted near this lake. This lake is also famous as the ashes of our Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, were immersed in this lake. Also, there is a very beautiful monument located here called Gandhi Ghat. It is named after Mahatma Gandhi ji.

Abu Road:

Abu Road is a separate town and is situated near the Banas River. The best time to visit this place is in the months of November and December. There are various beautiful temples here and in these months the weather remains pleasant throughout the day. The market place is also very well maintained and beautifully designed. You can also have great time near the Banas River.

There are many more attractive places in India that you can enjoy with family and friends. So plan tours in India and discover India with us.

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