In the good list of famous and historical places to see in Delhi, the tomb of the Mughal king, Humayun seems more a palace than a grave. The organization makes the efficient Delhi tour packages. The first wife of Humayun commissioned the tomb. The architecture and design of the monument are of Persian style. It is considered as the first garden tomb.  It is nearest tourist place from Delhi as well as nearest place of old fort. It was for the first time that the red sandstone was used on a large scale to construct a building. This tomb includes not only the grave of the king Humayun but also his wives and other family members are buried in it.

A great garden char bag is located here having a complete uniqueness in it.  The historical view says that when the Emperor Humayun has died, he was buried in the old fort that is the nearest tourist place from Delhi. But later, it’s come in the observation of his son that the tomb can be damaged. Soon Humayun first wife ordered to construct the tomb. Its creation was started in 1565. It took seven years, and in 1572 the monument was completed. It took a significant amount of money to construct this ancient tomb. It was in 1993 when this was considered as the world heritage, and its restoration took place. A research process was begun in this regard. The concerned authorities tried their peak efforts to restore the historical foundations.

The architecture has the perfection Persian impression. A Persian artist designed its interior and structure. The tomb was constructed in the middle of the cha har bagh. This garden has four main doors. It got resemblance with the paradise garden when the water flowing was created with the walkways of this place.  With the passage of time more graves were created there. It was the first garden tomb that possesses some grave in it. Not only the Humayun family members but also other Mughal emperor is buried here. There is a massive plate of having the height of seven meters on which the mausoleum is standing.

The construction of a building is in red stones. The black and yellow marble stones are used in the construction of the tomb. The Persian style marble crowned is of white color.  There are beautiful arches those increase the beauty of the perimeter shape of this historical building.  The cha hears Bag garden has important of its own. When the tomb was constructing, the garden was given a particular importance. The monument was built exactly in the middle of the backyard. The geometry of the garden was given a full Persian style.  In this way, the uniqueness of the tomb was made in the whole continent.

The presence of three siding walls, those are rubble, enclosed the tomb and the garden. It was near the river Yamuna. It was decided to make the river as the fourth side, but this course was shifted from the planned structure. It has two gates to entered, but only one is used for the people. The emperors used the other in the past. Nowadays government is taking steps to make more improvements for the tomb so that it become best place for the people who want Delhi tour packages to enjoy the best places. Hence it is among the gorgeous historical world heritage places to see in Delhi.

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