Rajasthan is a royal and rich state in India where you can discover India and enjoy top adventurous activities in India. The state is famous for amazing things to do and beautiful destinations and cities to enjoy. If you are planning adventure travel India or tours in India, you should not miss the chance to visit most astonishing place located in heart of Rajasthan named Alwar.

Here in this India Travel Guide, we have discussed some attractive and must see places in Alwar, Check them out:

City Palace:

This convoluted and colourful City Palace complex depicts the rich heritage of Rajasthan. It has pavilions, massive gates, and a tank. You can also see an excellent museum here. This museum is the right place to see stunning weapons, feel lavishness of the lifestyle of Raja or Maharajas, royal ivory slippers, royal vestments, stuffed Scottish pheasants, erotic miniatures, stone sculptures, silver table and much more.

Bala Quila Fort:

This is an amazing fort situated 1000 feet above the city. It consists of 51 small towers and 15 large towers. The entire fort is adorned with lattice window balconies and marble column.

Bhangarh fort

If you really want to feel adrenaline rush in your body, then you should visit this place. It is famous for ghost stories and historical ruins. Visiting it make your adventure travel India an unforgettable event for life-long. This is regarded as the most haunted place in India.

Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary:

This is well nestled in Aravali Hills and covers a large area approx 800 Sq.Km. This area is further divided into sheer cliffs, dry deciduous forests, grasslands and rocky landscape. You can enjoy lots of adventurous activities in here like camel safari and much more. You can visit medieval palaces and surrounding shopping areas.

Jai pol:

This is the most fascinating and beautiful majestic entry point brilliantly crafted with lovely and amazing sculptures.  This is considered as the monument of victory of rulers.

Malakhera Bazar:

If you are looking for all sorts of traditional products like Rajasthani handicrafts, then you should visit Malakhera Bazar. This is the best place to buy daily household products like brassware, rugs and utensils.

Churi Market:

This is a famous market where girls can get each and everything for them. You can buy traditional accessories and clothes for women.

Company Bagh:

This sandy place is also well known for its green lush and beautiful garden named Company Bagh. Here you can enjoy Shimla house and greenery.

Moosi Maharani ki Chhatri:

This is an amazingly designed spot that depicts the element of honor and pride in Rajput architecture. You can find a lot of greenery around and enjoy the amazing architecture of this place.

These are some popular attractions in city Alwar that you can visit to make your Alwar trip a memorable experice of your life. You can also enjoy shopping, camel safari, boating and many more activities to make the most of the place.

So follow our India Travel Tips and make your trip more comfortable and hassle free in India.

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