There are different cultures all over India to visit where the sheer beauty and nature will take your breath away. There s literally something exciting in every corner of India. You will experience a scenic beauty in the South of India and gain a unique knowledge of the land. A tour of South India will bring you to some of the most adventurous and culturally relevant parts of the world.


Allepey, Kerela: here you will find a stagnant and still part of the river popular for the peaceful backwater. The temples, spas, boat races and most importantly the beaches are most beautiful here. This is one of the oldest towns planned in the area and is popularly known as the Venice of India. Visiting this quite tropical village will make you feel one with nature.

Goa: at Goa you will find old architecture of Portuguese heritage over 300 years old and the most beautiful beaches. The mixture of lush green landscape and colorful houses can be seen from the beaches as a beautiful intertwining of colors. This is an ideal spot for nature and food lovers.

Andaman and Nicobar: this is a group of 600 islands with only 36 inhabited. 9 of those islands are open for tourists and you can enjoy the pleasure of those islands. You can pick from a variety of beautiful coral beaches with booming marine life and water sport activities. You will find wonderful flora and fauna as well as different green forests to explore.

Cultural sites

Hampi, Karnataka: Hampi is known as a city of ruins and is worth visiting as it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was one of the largest and most important cities in the world around 1500 AD and has many temples and other structural ruins spread out over the and. You can visit for some cultural heritage lessons.

Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu: here you will find rocked out caves and exquisitely carved temples. A lot of tourists visit this town for the splendid old architecture. You will also find relaxing white sand beaches here with elegant species of crocodiles at the river banks.

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh: if you are a fan of the urban life then you want to see what its like on your tour of South India. This is a metropolitan area likened to the streets of New York. There is abundance of temples, cafes, businesses and a perfect mixture of modern and old.

Trekking destinations

Munnar, Kerala: the lavish flora and fauna, rich landscaping, tea estates and rocky peaks of Munnar makes it a wonderful tourist location. It is one of the most popular hill stations and is famous for its scenic beauty. You can take an adventure trek through the hills and capture very rare and beautiful views of the environment from peak points.

Coorg, Karnataka: this misty landscape will be perfect for nature lovers and you will begin to love nature if you don’t already. Also known as Kodagu, this is a hill station which also serves as a pinnacle of transportation. It will be refreshing to trek through the breathtaking landscape and explore tea, spice and coffee plantations.


Wayanad, Kerala: this place is famous for its wildlife and plantations. You will not miss the welcoming home stays and resorts and you can take out time to visit the captivating waterfalls. Wayanad is lush, green and booming with wildlife for visitors to marvel at.

Bandipur National Park, Karnataka: in 1874, this was originally set up as a tiger reserve but has long since grown into a naturally beautiful National Park. You can take out some time to visit the park and explore the natural provisions of the earth as pertains to wild life.


Madurai, Tamil Nadu: the city of Madurai is also known as the lotus city because it was built entirely in the shape of a lotus. It has been standing for a long time and has been ruled by the Pandya kings for most of the time. Here you have options of temples to explore like the Meenakshi temple omitted to the goddess whose name it bears. Gandhi Museum is also here with some significant artifacts from Gandhi himself.

Auroville, Pondicherry: the principles in this township are harmony, sustainable living, divine consciousness and peace. Since its inception, it has been a place where the people cast away their factions and classes and come together to propagate progress and education. Right in the middle of the city is the souk of the city called Matrimandir meant for peace and meditation.

Thanjevur, Tamil Nadu: this city is known for textiles, saris, antique handicraft and paintings. It is also known as the city of temples with so many temples that pilgrims like to visit.

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