Pune is a mesmerizing city in Maharashtra; it boasts vivid crowds, natural beauty, pleasant weather, architectural wonders and much more. This can be a travel-worthy destination for you as of its heart taking landscape, amazing historical monuments, forts, gardens and much more. Those people who are planning tours in India or want to discover India in a real sense, our travel guide India can help.

Here in our travel India guide, we have mentioned some places that you should visit to make your Pune trip an outstanding experience for life long.

Shanivar Vada

This is among the most popular places in Pune. It was built by Bajirao Peshwa in 1736.  This is an important evidence of the magnificent history of Peshwa rule here. It boasts amazing architecture, 5 gateways, fine wooden pillars, 9 bastions and lattice work.

Aga Khan Palace

It was built by Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III in 1892. It is a witness to very important events of Indian history. You can also see paintings exhibitions and photos of Mahatma Gandhi as the Main palace has been converted to Mahatma National Memorial.

Osho Ashram

If you want to have a different experience of your life, you should not miss this place. This is located inside the Korgaon Park area. You can also enjoy relaxing and calm aura along with picturesque surroundings. It is also famous for offering gala time to the visitors. The Osho Ashram consists of a massage center, meditation zone, theaters, workshops, resorts and an area where various events take place. One can actually choose between spending time in interacting with people or relaxing in solitude. This is an ideal place to relax and meet with the people come from various different countries.

Sinhagad Fort

This is an amazing sight to cherish.  This majestic for is located on an isolated cliff of Bhulaswar Range of the Sahyadris.  The amazing location makes it very popular among the thrill and fun seekers. It lays in ruin and reflects the glorious era of this place. This place is popular among the trekkers as many people love to trek from b the se of hill.

Bund Garden

This can be the perfect spot to cherish if you are a nature lover. You are going to love Bund garden.  You can spend time in the lap of nature as this holds natural beauty and various species of different plants. This is the great spot to organize a picnic. Here you can enjoy boat riding to make your experience much better. Availability of lots of migratory birds here can be a real treat for your eyes.

Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park 

This is also very amazing place in Pune. Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park is divided into 3 parts including a snake park, an animal orphanage, and a zoo. This zoo also includes Katraj Lake that offers you picture perfect location and you can also enjoy boat riding here. You can see lots of animals like sloth bear, white tiger, Deer, tiger, and elephants and much more.

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