India is a beautiful country with a diverse culture and a history that goes back by several centuries. The tour packages regarding different parts of India sometimes seem to offer less than one expects them to offer. This is due to the fact that culture and geography of the country is spread out over a very vast area. Therefore different kinds of Indian tour packages are usually devised to cover different cultures and geographies of India.

The tourism in India is a very eventful industry as people have been visiting the country since ancient times. There is so much for a tourist to explore in India that it sometimes becomes very overwhelming for them to decide what to explore and what to leave behind. So in order to ease things up for them, there are different tourism companies that organize different kinds of tours to serve the requirements of different kinds of tourists. These tour packages usually focus upon a particular area in the country so that the tourists might be able to fully explore a certain landscape completely. A few details on the different types of tours are discussed below in order to give you a little overview.

Misty mountains

As discussed above, India is a beautiful country with different kinds of landscapes and sceneries. So majority of the tour packages usually involve a visit to some kind of hill station or mountainous area. There are different kinds of mountains in the country which aren’t always very misty and that’s exactly what makes them beautiful. If you are an enthusiast of mountains, you might want to choose the kind of mountains you want to explore first. There are snow covered peaks of Himalayas, lush green meadows of Himachal Pradesh, purely natural beauty of Kashmir and ever gorgeous landscape of Sikkim. Different mountain ranges also come with different kinds of perks including a variety of wild rivers, forests, animals, birds, etc.

If you are a tourist who is interested in exploring the mountainous beauty of India, you might be willing to choose from one of the many different packages that are offered in this regard. You may get on a tour to the Kinnaur region spread out in Himachel Pradesh that comprises of different places like Shimla, Manali, Kulu, Chitkul, Sangla Valley, Kalpa, Sarahan, etc. or you may also check out the area of the Western Bengal by going to Darjeeling Kalimpong Kurseong and visiting different places like Nathula, Yumthang, Ravangla, Gangtok, Pelling, etc.

Spiritual Sojourns

Since India has a very ancient history spread over several centuries, there are many different sacred areas like birthplaces of famous people belonging to different religions including Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism, Jainism, etc. There are some other religions like Buddhism and Christianity that haven’t born in the country but they have managed to greatly flourish thereby travelling missionaries or the royal patronage. So India is considered to be pretty holy by different religions of the world.

Every year, people belonging to different religions come to India for spiritual sojourns. The most popular routes in this regard include Dehli to Amritsar to Mathura to Bharatpur to Fatehpur Sikri to Agra to Varanasi to Sarnath to Bodhygaya to Delhi. This trail incorporates different sites that are holy to different religions including Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism and Hinduism. Another famous mystic Indian tour incorporates different areas starting from Rishikesh to Barkot to Yamunotri to Uttarkashi to Guptkashi to Kedarnath to Pipalkot to Badrinath to Srinagar to Haridwar to Delhi.

Wildlife safari tours

In addition to the above mentioned attractions, India is also known for its beautiful wildlife safari tours as well. These tours have remained limited to only a limited amount of visitors but they are known to offer a completely thorough experience of the wildness of the safari. The Indian wildlife comprises of Tigers as the primary part. So different wildlife safari tours are organized every year in India. For instance, a common tour package comprises the exploration of different Indian areas including Delhi, Nagpur, Bandhavgarh and Khajuraho as these areas contain two different reserves of tigers in addition to a marvelous historic architecture as well.

Another highly popular wildlife tour that is highly famous for its bird watching opportunities and breathtaking landscapes is a visit to the interior areas of the Leh. It includes different places like Taklang La, Tso Kar, Polo Konga, Nanchang La, Rumbak Puga, Zingchan, etc. These places are known to be a heaven for people who love to watch birds. All of these areas are situated at a height of almost 12 to 17000 ft. So in case a tourist suffers from altitude related issues, they need to take certain precautions to have an enjoyable experience there.

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