After tying the knot, newlywed couples are always looking forward to that amazing moment when they officially jump-start their long life journey together. That is the time for the newlywed couples to plan for their honeymoon. This is the moment that you are filled with excitement of taking sometime away from home to shower yourselves with love and affection bonding you together forever. However, planning for your honeymoon can be an uphill task as finding the right destination that will be pleasant to the two of you is not easy. However, you do not to worry; there exists several destinations all over the world for newlywed couples to enjoy a magnificent honeymoon.

The best thing is that India – the country with the richest culture and magnificent sights offers newlyweds with tones of honeymoon destinations like Goa, Kashmir, Kerala and much more. You will never run out of options. Kashmir is the paradise for newlywed couples’ honeymoon, as they will have the opportunity to tour the beautiful lakes, snow-capped Himalayas and other wonderful sceneries. With Goa, couples get to enjoy romantic walks along the sandy beaches, sleep and relax in the luxury resorts where they get to experience some of the traditional and modern India cuisines. Let us not forget about Kerala, also known as the gods’ country. Here newlywed couples get to enjoy boat cruises, Ayurveda spas and therapies.

Here are some of the most popular India honeymoon packages for newlywed couples.

  1. Kerala Honeymoon Packages

Also known as, the god own country, Kerala is covered with greenery from the coconut trees along the beaches to the forests deep within the mainland. It is currently the most spectacular destination in the world not only for India honeymoon but also for India tour. Kerala is blessed with verdant tropical forests and palm fringed beaches, large rivers and rolling hills redolent with aromas of coffee and cardamom. Here is also, where the famous Kathakali performance happens. Newlywed couples also get to enjoy see foods, Ayurveda spa and the backwaters.

  1. Goa Honeymoon Packages

Goa is a delighting destination with vast charm, greeneries and beauty. It is located to the west of India’s coast and has a lot of beaches and rivers. It also act as one of India’s commercial hubs. Goa has several sceneries such as the Goa Falls, the old Goa that is currently a world heritage. Moreover, if you are one of the party lovers then goa is the place to visit for your honeymoon. Here, you get to enjoy some of the traditional cuisines mostly Goan, seafood and the famous Goan drink “Feni”. Goa also has a combination of religion mostly Christians and Hindus with others like Islam. So, no matter your religion you will always feel at home. On top of that, after a long day of touring, couples get to spend romantic nights in some of the five star resorts in this magnificent destination.

  1. Kashmir Honeymoon Packages

Kashmir is known as the earth’s paradise. This is because it has the kind of natural beauty that no other place in the world has. Several tourists and newlyweds visit this place just to get a glimpse of tit attractive natural landscape. In addition, if you are a couple that loves nature and want to enjoy that calm and peaceful but romantic environment, then look no further. There are a variety of activities or places you can take part in when you visit India using the Kashmir Honeymoon Packages. Some of the places you get to visit are Shrinagar, Gulmarg etc. these destinations offers you that unique but fulfilling experience.

  1. Andaman Honeymoon Packages.

Currently, Andaman and Neil islands are the most visited destination in India. This destination is not just meant for tourism alone, it can also be the perfect destination for the newlywed couples who want to experience a quiet but romantic sights and places. Andaman and Neil Islands are blessed with several wonders and marvels that are both exciting to everyone no matter their tastes and interests. From the greenery, the rich culture of its locals to the sandy beaches along the Island. Couples get to enjoy several activities such as forest and beach camping, snorkeling and scuba diving, game fishing, water sports and much more. Andaman is made up of other destination that couples can choose from like the Havelock Island, Neil Island, Jolly Bouy Island, long Island and Ross Island.

There are very many places to visit in India, there are India honeymoon, and India tour packages that can help you experience them to the maximum. As a couple, you might find it hard to find that destination that can act as the gateway to your new romantic lives together. If you are planning to tour India during this time then choose the best tour package.

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