Tourism is the best way to make memorable and happy spending of vacation. Many people visit the famous places to see in Delhi, to spend their spare time in a healthy manner. Mostly people like to visit historical places. The historical places are famous for many reasons. Some are famous for their beauty. Some are famous for the events those are important in the history. These events can be good or may they have a sad memory. For example, the India Gate is a famous historical place when you think about Delhi tour packages, but it is remembered with sad memory of the several deaths. When you find nearest tourist place from Delhi, it is situated in the famous city Delhi that is located in India.

Its real name is  All India War Memorial. It is located near Rajpath.  It is in the memory of the people who died during the First World War.  For every tourist, it got a unique attraction. The gate as situated in Delhi had remained a part of the IWGC.  The great architecture created its design. The person was very famous for his making of the war memorials. This statue is considered as secular memory, its style of presentation was considered as free of religious and cultural appearances. The height of this gate is 42 meters.

It is one of the largest memories in the Indian history. Its foundation was made in 1921. Its construction took a long time of ten years. Finally, in 1931, the construction was completed. The name of those soldiers is inscribed on the wall of the gate that were died in the wars. These conflicts include world war and the war in Afghanistan.  Many important roads of Delhi are linked with it, homage is given to the soldiers and it is made a compulsion for everyone when people think about places to see in Delhi. Near the gate, another memory of Amar Jawan Jyoti is located. His shrine is made of black stones. Flames were burned day and night to keep the memory alive.

For the picnic purpose, there are many other attractive nearest tourist place from Delhi. Different lawns are created. Park for children is built. The most famous boat club is also there.  In the evening cool breeze is blown everyone likes that. Most visitors like to visit it in the evening. At night many lights are turned on, and this lighting gives it a more distinguished look. The splendid view of Indian rash Tari Bhavan can be considered from the gate. Every 26th January is celebrated there, and the updated technology is displayed during the parade. Is opened twenty-four hours. Any time it can be visited. The best time considered for its visit is between November and March.

The monsoon climate is considered as ideal to visit it to gain the attention of people more efficiently, ways are made easy to approach nearby places like the land of elephants caves.  Motor boats are available to approach the cave. The famous hotel Taj Mahal is also the nearest tourist place, located near to the India gate.  Hence, the gate has the historical importance, though it is famous for the saddest event of death, but the importance given to it makes it an important, respectable place. The Delhi tour packages have made it more easy to visit the famous places.

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