Himachal Pradesh offers amazing offbeat destinations which need to be on real traveler’s to-do list. The place is full of pleasant surprises and offers you strength to walk through snow covered mountains and capture the natural beauty in your eyes. What would be more astonishing than the everlasting and pleasing sound of flowing water and cold sensation of ice covered cliffs? One can find himself/herself lost in the lap of nature and greenery around the place.  The amazing tourist attractions in Himachal Pradesh offer you a tranquil aura to enjoy a relaxing trip in the lap of nature and away from the hustle bustle of your city. The tranquillity and natural wonders help revitalize your tired mind and body. Let us disclose what places you can visit in Himachal to make your trip unforgettable and amazing. We have shared some amazing facts about the places you can visit in this state.

Know more about Interesting and Adventure Places in India:

  • KASOL:

You would really love to explore bits and bytes of this surprising place. It has everything to offer to its visitors from Israeli cuisine to traditional food of Himachal Pradesh. Israelis have been living in Kasol for several years, so you will find lots of Israelis cafes here. This place is bestowed with blessings of nature and known for its trekking base camp, Parvati River, Israeli inhabitants and much more.

  • RASOL:

It has mysterious beauty and you can find yourself lost in mountains by seeing superb mountain layers hiding behind each other. When you reach here, you will realize it is an astounding valley that leads to mountains. You will get fascinated by seeing snow covered the White Mountains like a layer of white blankets fallen on each layer of the mountain. This scenic beauty of snow covered peaks will definitely catch your sight and make you feel wow. You can better enjoy this picturesque view from Waren, a place located near Rasol. You can absolutely enjoy the mesmerizing view of mountains from Waren .The place offers you never felt experience.


This is one of the famous places offer Top Adventurous Activities in India and a great place for pro trekkers but it also offers a lot to the travelers who are not much into trekking. This chilling cold place provides tranquil natural settings to dwell in it. You can enjoy exceptionally unimaginable waterfalls, snow covered mountain cliffs, amazing and vivid images of nature.  What else do you want to find yourself in ultimate natural settings?

  • TOSH:

If you want to find new heights from one mountain to another, you should not miss the chance to visit this village located on high altitudes. This is the best village to enjoy trekking in Parvati Valley region. Here you will feel energetic and confident to trek more.

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