If you are looking for a tourism place to capture perfect desert, then you should miss the chance to visit Bundi. It is situated in a south-eastern region in Aravalli Hills. It is also referred as the blue city of Rajasthan. The place holds architectural wonders, rich culture and heritage of India. Bundi is famous for various tourist spots including step walls, forts, mansions, paintings, and places.  These all attractive and wonderful tourist spots together make this blue city an ideal travel destination in India.

Here in this travel guide India, we have mentioned top tourist spots in Bundi:

Ishwari Niwas:

Bundi boasts with magnificent and large mansions like Ishwari Niwas. It was built during the supremacy of Maharao Raja Ishwari Singh. It is huge and consists of 24 lavish rooms in it. Here one can see the European style of architecture, brilliantly furnished rooms well equipped with modern amenities.  It was built around 100 years ago.

Haveli Braj Bhushanjee:

This is a very old and huge 4 storey mansion. It boasts Rajasthani architecture and amazing construction.  It was built around 150 years ago and one can enjoy this historic monument to take a glimpse into the bygone era. One can enjoy the picturesque and stunning view of the city from Haveli Braj Bhushanji.

Taragarh Fort:

This stunning and huge fort is nestled in an ideal location and easily accessible to people. It was built in 16th century at an elevation of 1,426-foot. This old historic monument is also known as Star fort.

Phool Sagar:

This is an amazing and most beautiful spot in Bundi. This structure is adorned with Rajput style frescos. It is located in an isolated place where you can enjoy rich flora and fauna, lush green fields, winding ways and magnificent palatial structures.

Jait Sagar Lake

This 1.5 km long lake is the most visited place in Bundi, located amidst lush green fields. Travellers can have rejuvenating experience on the bank of river.

Sukh Mahal:

This is the main attraction in Bundi, the objective behind the construction of this amazing spot was to add to the delight of princes who used to carry out their evil deeds. A white marble Chhatri is the main attraction of Sukh Mahal.

Raniji Ki Baori:

It was built by Rani Nathavati Ji in 1699, This is among the popular step wells in city. It is the largest Baori with 50 stairs. It was very famous meeting place for the local people of Bundi and they used to use this place for religios and social reasons during the medieval era. This multi-storeyed struructure has a narrow entrance with stone structures.

If you are planning tours in India, don’t miss the chance to visit this city as this is the most amazing city in India that can make your adventure travel India an unforgettable experice for your life. You can enjoy Top Adventurous Activities In India by visiting most popular cities of India like Bundi.


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