Amritsar is one of the most famous cities and tourist places in India. There are many Amritsar places to visit for the visitors. It is one of the wonderful cities of India which keeps attracting tourists throughout the world. There are many adventure places in India and Amritsar is one of them. Have a look at India travel guide and plan to visit some important places rich with cultural heritage to discover India.

India is diverse country offers endless locations to those who travel to India. Travelers can enjoy its vast regional landscape. There are distinct places in India ranging from the Himalayas to the India Ocean, which offer unique and beautiful experience to the people.


Translated as “holy nectar,” Amritsar is the house to the Sikh Religious beliefs. It offers good transport facilities to the tourist.  Amritsar is now well linked with other places, and the best way to reach here include Flight, train, cabs and bus. Many people book Amritsar tours in India.

The sacred town of Amritsar is situated in Punjab, India and is the religious and social center of the Sikh religion. Amritsar began by the Sikh Guru Ram Dass Ji and is well known for the spectacular Harmandir Sahib, the Akal Takht (the Throne of the Amazing God) and the Golden Temple. Concerning the well-known Golden Temple with golden shrines was began by Guru Ram Dass Ji and worship was performed by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in 1601.

At the center of Amritsar City is the Sri Harmandir Sahib, also known as the Golden Temple in Amritsar – the holiest shrine of the Sikh religion. The Golden Temple sits on a rectangle-shaped platform, enclosed by a share mineral water known as the Amrit Sarovar from which the City is known as. Just simply visit the Golden Temple history.

While on the travel guide India to the place, ensure to visit the Wagah Border and Ram Bagh. While Ram Bagh is a wonderful garden made on the designs of the well-known Shalimar Bagh of Lahore, Pakistan, the Wagah Border is a place that is at India’s border with Pakistan. Here, you can view the exciting border ending wedding to visit adventure places in India. Frequent cabs are available from the Golden Temple to the Wagah Border.

When you will start your adventure travel India, and reach this city, you will see the old city, with the golden temple and local bazaars along narrow walkways, is surrounded by an engagement ring road. There are rows upon rows of stores on each road selling products and goods. When you plan for the top adventurous activities in India, reach to the main city, and then visit the Guru Bazar. Guru Bazaar specializes in gold jewelry shops. The odors of Katra Kathian declare its products before you reach to sell the warian, murabba, papads pickles, and aam papad. You will enjoy every part of the best places during your India adventure travel. All these Amritsar places to visit are amazing and they will make your visit unforgettable.

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