India is considered as one of the most beautiful countries where thousands of travellers come to visit every year for several reasons. The greatness and antiquity of the country are depicted by rich forts, historic civilization, myriads, history, culture and many more places here. It is a land of unlimited wonders and its rich heritage is revealed in its 7 wonders.   While having a look at these wonders one can easily think of the great skills and architectural knowledge, the Indians had.  These ancient constructions and civilizations are so impressive that it is not possible to think of creating such architectures now, in spite of being blessed with technology. If you want to make your tours in India adventurous, then you should visit wonders of India. These marvellous tourist spots can make your adventure travel India most adventurous by visiting these places. So discover India, by visiting the given places below:

 LLet’s find out more information about seven wonders of India here.

Taj Mahal:

It is one of the universally admired masterpieces of the world heritage. This Symbol of love tops the list of 7 wonders of world. It is situated in Agra (Uttar Pradesh). This incredible monument was built by Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. It is widely recognized as ‘the jewel of Muslim art in the country’. It is mostly made by marble and held perfect blend of Hindu and Indo-Islamic architecture.  The construction of this astonishing piece of architecture started in 1632 and was completed in 1653.

It can be seen in different colours at different times of day. It looks pinkish and shy in early morning, turns white at day time and burnishing golden at night. These changing colours depict the changing mood of a woman.


Golden Temple:

Golden temple is a popular and pious place of worship for the Sikhs. It is situated in Amritsar, Punjab. Its foundation was laid down by Mian Mir. This is also known as court of the Lord  and Harmandir Sahib Mandir. It is made of marble and plated with real gold which covers outside portion of this auspicious shrine. This water surrounded shrine is also known as Pool of Nectar or Amrit Sarovar.  Langar is organized everyday at this temple and people are fed for free here. It has in-house museum where you can find large collections of stories, articles and many more things related to Sikh history.

Sun Temple:

It is located in Konark (Odisha) and known for its architectural grandeur and sophisticated sculptural work. This shrine is considered as chariot of Lord Sun with twenty four wheels. Each wheel has diameter of 10 feet with elaborate cravings and set of spokes. 2 lions guard the entry of temple and 7 horses drag it.

It is world heritage site on the globe and wonderful example of marvellous Orission architecture. It was constructed by Samba (the son of lord Krishna) in honour of God sun.


The place is well known for a number of Hindu and Jain temples and erotic sculpture.  It depicts the rich culture and heritage of India.  It has worldwide popularity due to its greatest sculpted temples around the world.  The sculptures are astounding and give incredible warmth and sensitivity, reflecting rich heritage culture in the age free from inhibitions.

Nalanda University, Bihar:

Nalanda University was founded in age of Guptas and located 100 Kms away from Patna. Earlier it was a historical centre for higher learning in Bihar. It was a famous university from 500 to 1300 AD until it was destructed by foreigners. It had 300 laboratories, observatory, libraries and lecture halls. There was 10, 000 students who were taught by 200 professors as per the record of Chinese travellers.  Earlier it was a spiritual centre of learning through the 5th century AD to 1197 AD. It was supported by Buddhist emperors and Hindu Gupta rulers.


This is one of the five largest and archaeological sites of Harapans located at Khadirbet in Bhachau Taluka (Kutch, Gujrat). It represents the Harappan civilization and their advanced urban civilization many years ago.  Dholavira is also considered as largest and grandest cities of its time.

Jaisalmer Fort:

Jaisalmer Fort was built by Bhati Rajput ruler Rawal Jaisal in 1156 AD. It is located in Jaiselmer city and also known as golden fort. This is an amazing fort that is built on a hill 76 meters above the surrounding country side. It has 4 entrances to the town side and one of them us guarded by canon. The main attractions include Jain temples, Raj Mahal, Merchant Havelis, 4 massive gateways and Laxminath temple.




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